Freelance Jobs


Freelancing seems like it’s the new buzz word but Freelance Jobs have been around for a long time.

And the key to being a successful freelancer and kicking the 9-5  habit is to be flexible and be prepared to take on a few different Freelance Jobs, as some freelance work is easier to find than others. But you should always do the freelance work you are most passionate about.

So let’s a take a look at 50 Freelance Jobs you can start Today!


1. Social Media Manager

Social media is one of the best ways for businesses to reach out to new clients and stay in touch with existing ones. But new platforms are popping up all the time so which ones should they choose?

Well if  you know a business asking these sorts of questions then perhaps you have the start of a Social Media Marketing freelance business. Just focus on one of the core social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and become the expect they need to reach their goals.

Tools: Hootsuite, Buffer

Blogging or creating websites is still one of the best ways to make money online. And although the ability to rank quickly in the Top 10 search results is getting harder each year, there are certainly advantages to building your own online presence on a blog or website.
And once you’ve learned your craft, you can turn it into a freelance job, by helping other to achieve similar goals.

Resources: Wix, WordPress, Squarespace

3. Teaching

The internet has provided many online job opportunities for every job imaginable, so if you’re a teacher you no longer need to teach from the confines of a classroom. So consider a Freelance Teaching Job where the internet is your classroom. Now you can either advertise for teaching roles yourself, or use one of the freelance teaching jobs websites you’ll find online.

Check out: Skillshare, Freelancer, VipKid

4. Handyman

Sometimes people just need a little help with things around the home and don’t want to enlist the services of an expensive professional.

And to help get you started on your freelance journey you can use a websites like Task Rabbit or AirTasker to build a client base. Just be prepared to do all sorts of odd jobs around people’s homes.

And once you’ve established yourself, it’s easy to get repeat business from clients that trust you.

Resources: Airtasker, TaskRabbit, Craigslist

5. Advertising Copywriter

Selling stuff isn’t as easy as it seems and good copywriting is a must for a business looking to sell products or services online. So setting yourself up as an online copywriter is a great freelance job you can start today. You can offer to write Paid Per Click and display ad headlines, or even craft a full landing page for businesses looking to get an edge.

There are plenty of online courses so checkout: and

6. Tutoring

Unlike teaching, tutoring is more like a casual form of mentoring and often doesn’t require formal qualifications. A tutors role is to assist and guide rather than teach someone from scratch. And there are plenty of websites where you can start your freelance career as a Tutor.

Visit: Aim4A

7. Stock Photography

If you’re a keen photographer, then consider starting a freelance job as a Stock Photographer. There are plenty of websites where you can sell your stock photography online and more importantly letting someone else sell your work frees up more of your time to take even more photos.
And freelancing as a stock photographer, could also lead to some commission work, so always be open to opportunities.

Handy Websites: Shutterstock, iStockphoto

8. Ghost Writing

If you love writing and don’t mind someone else claiming your words, then consider a freelance career as a ghost writer. That’s where you come in as a ghost writer. You can write books, articles, blog posts or anything where discretion is required. Ghost Writing is a somewhat thankless job, but at least the pay is OK. Ghost writing often commands a higher per hour rate as people are prepared to pay more for your anonymity .

Handy Websites: Guru, Toptal

9. Magazine Articles Writing

If you prefer to build your own reputation as a writer, then consider freelancing on major magazines or news sites. Often you will be paid for your work and more importantly you can build your reputation over time.

Some magazines will require you write a story based on a seed idea and others will expect you to pitch a newsworthy story yourself.

But best of all being a magazine freelancer, means you can expect a steady income, as magazines usually have regular publications.

Handy Websites: BostonGlobe

10. Translation

You have to love the Internet.  You can actually get paid to use that second language as a translator. Yeah, there are heaps of freelance translator jobs around. You just need to know where to look.

Here are a couple of Online Trasnslation Websites you might try to find some freelance jobs.

Handy Websites: GengoLingosaur

11. Legal Work

It’s surprising how many different vocations exist in the legal profession and not all of them require a law school degree. Roles like legal interpreters, secretaries, court reporters can all be great opportunities to specialize in the legal profession. And you’d be surprised to know you can even find freelance jobs you’l find to kickstart your career.

Handy Websites to know are:  FlexjobsGuru

12. Graphic Designing

Freelance graphic design is one of the pillars of the freelance industry and has been around a long time before Freelancing was even trendy. So if you have some serious graphic design skills, why not consider selling your time for money and help people design packaging, logos, websites, infographics and even entire branding packages.
The money is good if you can find the work, so here are a few websites where you can find freelance graphic design work.

Handy Websites: 99designs & DesignCrowd

13. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants have becomes quite popular and anyone with a serious business, will consider hiring Virtual Assistant Freelancers to help complete their extra work load. And typically, you can start Freelance Jobs with little or no experience.

Although, data entry, research, transcription and translation skills may all come in handy, if you want to find regular work as a Virtual Assistant. And best of all you can do this as a work from home job.

Handy Websites: Upwork & Fiverr

14. Computer Programming

Gone are the days where companies hire full time programmers, when they can find casual freelancers to work on particular projects without the usual employee overheads.

So if you have programming skills consider finding Freelance Programming Jobs and become your own boss. There are heaps of places to find regular freelancing jobs and you can even consider making your own programs to sell on an app store, for extra income.

Handy Websites: Guru & Freelancer

15. Music writing and production

Do you have music writing skills or are able to produce music? Then perhaps a freelance career is just right for you. And you can even start with something as simple as creating jingles or ghost write music for other artists.

Just check out these websites to see what Freelance Music Writing and Producing Jobs you can find.

Handy Websites: Fiverr  & People Per Hour

16. Photo Editing

A highly skilled photo editor can earn great money as a freelancer but even if you have just OK skills, you’re able to earn money with freelance jobs from people who just need vanity photo touch-ups before they post that photo on Instagram or other social media websites.

Most don’t have the skills to edit photos and will pay a small amount to get those pictures just right.

You just need to decide if you’ll go after the big jobs or are happy to work though a lot of small freelance jobs to earn your living.

Handy Websites: Fiverr & Upwork

17. Travel Consulting

If you’re well traveled then maybe you can help others along there journey. Either as a travel planner or even as a travel guide. People have limited time and want to make the most of a trip

So if you’re well-traveled yourself, you can help make others’ travel experiences a whole lot smoother. And help people plan their vacation and book their trips affordably.

You can do this independently as a freelancer or become a flight booking expert on a website like

18. Travel Guide

And being a full time travel guide could be a great freelance career idea too. When people travel they usually do plenty of research to plan the perfect holiday, but often find themselves stuck in the usual tourist destinations. So as a Travel Guide you can show them the local area and places they may have need thought to visit.

And yes, people will pay for such a service.

19. Online Researching

I briefly covered online researching in the Virtual Assistant Freelance business idea, but did you know online researching can actually be a full-time job?

People love statistics and facts, so often online researchers are commissioned to do the grunt work for whitepapers, articles,  infographics or even a book.

Sounds interesting doesn’t it?

Well then check out these sites to get your Freelance Career started as an online researcher – Just Answer & Fiverr

20. Editing

For every article, report, blog post, book or story you will usually find an editor has added given it their stamp of approval. And if you have a great eye for detail, amazing grammar and accurate spelling then you could set yourself up a freelance editor too.

The pay will vary depending on the type of work that is required, but if you can set yourself up with just a few regular clients, it’ll get your Freelance Career moving in the right direction.

Some websites to try are:- Jobs for Editors & Freelancer

21. Sales Consulting

Sales is the life blood of any business, but it’s also a talent that very few people have. So if you think you could sell ice to the eskimos then maybe you have what it takes to start your own freelance sales consulting business.

And you can either make direct sales and earn commissions or even help train other sales staff.

Check out: Jora & WorkSome


22. Podcast Producer

Professional podcasts are no longer a one man job. Someone needs to source and manage the guests, setup recording equipment and ensure the podcast runs smoothly. This is especially true of a podcast with high end guests.

So while the host keeps them talking, your job would be to keep the show running.

But as podcasts are usually only a few hours work, podcast producers tend to be more of a freelance nature rather than permanent roles, which is perfect for you.

Just find a few jobs a week to get you started and add more as your time permits.

Check Out : Fiverr

23. Bookkeeping

Every business has to keep their accounts, so what’s stopping you from setting up your own freelance bookkeeping business?

You just need some basic accounting skills which you can get from any online course, and some tax knowledge particularly for your country. Then you need to find a few clients to get started. And you’ll find freelance jobs if you join some business Facebook groups.

Just be more active around tax reporting time and before you know it, you’ll be turning back jobs.

Best of all you can totally do bookkeeping as a work from home business.

24. Video Editing

Did you know hundreds of hours of video content is uploaded to YouTube every minute?

Yeah, I know right?

It might also surprise you to know the high end YouTube channels rarely edit their own video content and prefer to out source it to freelances like you.

Just learn the basic of story telling and video editing and you can get started with some easy Freelance Video Editing Jobs.

Then as your career advances so too will the quality and rate of pay you can demand.

If you want to find work on YouTube, then start messaging channels that are approaching 1 Millions subs as they are usually ready to out source this type of work, if they haven’t already.

25. Business Manager

Have you heard of silent investors? Well these people have money to invest but rarely the time to manage a business. So they often look to casual business managers, to ensure the business they bought is running smoothly. It’s a consulting role and perfect for a keen freelancer.
So if you have experience managing businesses then this freelancing job might be perfect for you.

The best place to start finding clients is on Linkedin.

26. Voice Acting

I’ve covered voice actors before on Fiverr and it’s totally a legit business opportunity. And the diversity of roles is amazing, but best of all they are usually all of contract type jobs.

Here are some other voice freelancing websites you might want to try :- VoiceBunny & Voices

27. Grant Proposal Writer

Do you think you have what it takes to become a professional grant writer?

It’s actually, big business and a quality grant applications can often mean the difference between success or failure for the business needing the grant.

It’s a technical job and requires a keen eye for detail, but if you’ve got the skills then check out these freelance websites for grant writing roles. WriterAccess

28. Marketing Consulting

Similar to Social Media Marketing, there are job opportunities for more traditional Marketing Consulting services targeting small business. Marketing is a specialized skill and if you do your job well, your pitch could actually be that you’ll pay for yourself within ‘x’ number of months.

At the very least offer to complete a FREE business audit as a way to impress and get your foot in the door.

29. SEO Services

It’s getting harder and harder to rank on the front page of Google, and online businesses know it. So if you’ve developed some SEO skills, then consider taking on Freelance Jobs to help others out.

Often it’s just a few days work, but sometimes it could lead to complete website audits. And for large companies this could be steady work for a number of months.

Check out the Guru & Freelancer websites if you want to find SEO jobs to get you started.

30. Google Advertising Consultant

Sometimes you might take on a few different roles as a freelancer, and being a Certified Google Advertising Consultant is the perfect companion skill for your SEO Business.

Sometimes it’s simply too much work to rank in a competitive industry so Paid Per Click are sometimes the only way to find leads.

And as a Google Advertising Consultant you would help write copy for ads and find the best paid opportunities to get cheap clicks.

There is even a free Google Adwords Certification Course you can complete to make you more marketable.

31. Music Tutoring

If music is your passion then perhaps working as a Music Tutor is a role you’d enjoy. It’s a great Freelance Business and one you can use as a way to travel the world. Music is a universal language and can be taught in any country.

Of course, you’d need to have more skill than the person you’re teaching but it’s a dream job, making money doing something you love.

32. Interior Design Consulting

Interior design isn’t something you usually get a job for, it’s more bespoke and suits a consulting style business better. Just put together a portfolio of designs and start asking around your family and friends.

You can totally work as a freelance interior designer via referrals and even getting involved in a few Facebook Groups.

33. House-sitting

House-sitting is perfect for the aspiring Freelancer, because rent will be one of you biggest costs to cover during the month. So instead of paying for rent, just move into someone else’s and look after there place while they are away.

And while you’re there you can look for other Freelance Jobs Online that you can do from home even if it’s not your own.

Visit: to find new house sitting opportunities.

34. College Applications

Getting into a great college is serious business and one many fail at. Which means it’s a great opportunity to start a Freelance Business preparing College Applications.

You’d primarily work as an editor and could even prepare templates for your clients. And the more success you have the more money you can demand.  Obviously the best time to find clients is during college admission season but you might be able to find job openings on these sites any time of the year:- Upwork and Freelancer

35. Wedding Photography

Earlier I suggested taking stock photos as a Freelance Job, but as you will already have the equipment, wedding photography would compliment that nicely. Take any Freelance Photography Jobs you can and don’t forget you can even branch out into sports team photography too.

Just set up a decent portfolio website, so you can refer potential clients back there.

36. WordPress Site Consulting

There are literally millions of WordPress websites on the Internet and more are coming online everyday so the customer base is huge. Consider using a website like Skillshare or Udemy to brush up on your WordPress skills and then start offering customer support to help people customize and improve their websites.

WordPress Support is a great way to start your freelance career  and you can find WordPress Freelance Jobs on sites like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr

37. Pet Trainer

Are you good with animals? Do they respond to your actions? If so, then maybe you could become a Pet Trainer. Pet Trainers make ideal freelance jobs and you can even leave business cards at local dog parks, pet grooming salons and even find client in Facebook Groups.

And even though the owner of a well trained pet may never need your services again, the word of mouth referral will be priceless. As everyone wants to own a well trained pet.

38. Pet Carer

Similarly if you love animals then why not become a pet carer or animal sitter. When people go on holidays they can’t always take their pets, and let’s face it long car trips or longer plane flights isn’t always great for the animal.

So just like house sitting you can get paid to care for pets while their owners are away.  This may include walking, feeding and or staying overnight. Try: Pet it USA

39. Data Analyst

If you have a keen eye for numbers and data then maybe becoming a Data Analyst is just right for you. Ad-hoc data analysis services are well paying according to so why not become a freelancing data analyst? And you’ll find plenty of data analyst freelance jobs at freelancer and upwork.

40. Personal Fitness Training

This is the ultimate freelance job, getting fit and and helping others to get fit as well.  And best of all you can find your clients locally. Just check out some local Facebook groups or post flyers in shop windows or the local paper. And once you have a few clients, they’ll begin to tell their friends.

And before you know it you’ll have more training sessions than you can handle.

41. Yoga Tutoring

Similarly, yoga is trending up right now, as people look to detach from their stressful daily lives. And the gym isn’t for everyone, but yoga in the park can be.

To find freelance clients start with FREE weekly yoga sessions in the park and be sure to let the people know you also do 1 on 1 training too! And before you know it you’ll be fully booked.

42. Meal Delivery

Yeah, you could totally spend your day delivering food to people who are too busy to fetch it themselves. There are plenty of websites where you can get freelance work as a delivery driver. Check out Uber Eats, GrubHub and Postmates. I’m sure you’ll find local freelance jobs in your area.

43. Life Coach

Yep, you can even become a freelancer as a life coach. You’d be surprised how many people just need a little hand holding through life. And people will actually pay Life Coaches to help them get the most out of their life.

Typically, this is the higher end of society so you’ll need to present well. And to find Freelance Jobs you’d do best to start a YouTube channel and creating a website, to create an online persona.

People are happy to pay people they trust, so it’s best to start building that trust network as so as you can.

44. Financial Planning

Similarly people need help managing finances. You’d be surprised how many people get into a financial rut and can’t find there way out.

And by enlisting the services of a Financial Planner they can often help consolidate debt and get them on the right track.

If this sounds like something you’re good at, then you just need to find a few clients to get started and build your reputation from there.

45. Childcare

Gone are the days of a single income family. Often both parents are forced to work to make ends meet, and children are usually placed in childcare while they work.

But did you know you can be a Private Child Carer?

Yes, it’s perfect for the freelancer that loves children. You’ll just need to check your local laws to see how many children you can mind and what certifications you need.

Usually 3-4 children is manageable but if you can work with a friend who has a similar passion, you can care for more kids, and your day will run a lot smoother.

46. House Cleaner

What’s the one job people hate the most at home? Yes, it’s house cleaning and when people hate a task, it’s always an opportunity to find some freelance work.

And hey if you have bills to pay, why not clean other people’s houses for a living. There is no shame in that.

You’ll find House Cleaning Freelance Jobs on TaskRabbit and AirTasker.

 47. Computer Trainer

If you already find working with computers easy then consider finding Freelance Jobs as a Computer Trainer or Repairer. You’d be surprised at how many people still can’t find there way around a keyboard. And the Internet is still a mystery to some.

To advertise your business you could hold Free Computing Training Lessons at your local library or community center and then offer a one on one service for people needing more help.

48. Real Estate Sales Consulting

If you used to be a real estate broker or just have experience flipping houses, you can become a real estate sales consultant in your spare time. More likely than not, people already come to you for advice on buying or selling their home. So why not get paid for it?

49. Uber Driver

Even though Uber doesn’t always get the best press, the fact is you can actually do freelance work being a Uber or Lyft driver. But you need to be smart if you want to earn some decent money. Because major towns and cities are saturated with Uber drivers. So consider working on the urban fringe and you might find more work there.

Plus working as an Uber driver can be a side gig to other freelance work.

50. Landscaper

Some people love gardening while others see it as a total drag and those people are you target market. So to find new clients, print off some leaflets, and while doing a walk in your local area, look for the messy gardens. Then drop off a leaflet with a 50% discount to get your first freelance job.
And hopefully, if you’ve done a great job, you’ll get some repeat business.


I hope you enjoy these 50 Freelance Job Ideas and please feel free to share with your friends. As sharing is caring, and everyone deserves an opportunity to break free from the 9-5 Rat Race.

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