How much do you make on YouTube

This question “How Much Money can you Make on YouTube” is such a common question so I thought I’d answer it once and for all Q and A style.

So if you want to learn how people are making money on YouTube, stick around as I answer the most common questions on this subject.

How Much Money Can You Make on YouTube?

If you want to see what your favorite YouTube Star is making from Youtube then check out Social Blade as they give estimates on how popular a YouTube channel is and how much they are probably making.

And as Social Blade gives both a low-high earnings estimates I usually just base the actual figure on how many views they made for the last month divided by 1000 as this gives a reasonable estimate.

Can you make money on YouTube?


Do YouTubers make money?

Yes, most YouTubers will eventually monetize their YouTube channel to make money. The exception to this are channels that are public service announcements or people just uploading videos to share with friends.

How do you make money off YouTube?

You make money off YouTube by creating engaging videos that are watched by ordinary people. The more people who watch your videos the more you are likely to make.

How much do you get for being a YouTuber?

You don’t get anything for just being a YouTuber however you can make a considerable amount of money if you become popular.

How much do YouTubers get paid?

YouTubers don’t ‘get paid’ like a traditional job, they earn money when people watch their videos. The exception to this is if they are creating videos for YouTube Red and then this usually involves an agreed upfront sum.

How much does YouTube pay per view?

YouTube doesn’t actually pay per view, but rather they pay per watched or engaged advertising.

What counts as a watched YouTube Ad?

A watched YouTube Ad is an Ad that’s viewed for 30 seconds or when it’s finished, whichever comes first.

What is Ad Engagement?

When a viewer clicks on an Ad either on your video or on an Ad that appears alongside your video the Ad is said to be engaged.

How much do you get from YouTube views?

This number varies but most YouTubers claim it’s around $1 per 1000 views. Now this number can change depending on the type of audience who watch your videos.

How much money do you get from ads on YouTube?

The amount of money you get from a YouTube ad, greatly depends on the type of ad that is displayed. However, YouTube takes a cut of 45% leaving you with approx 55% of the cost the advertiser paid.

NB: As YouTube advertising becomes more competitive, you can expect a bigger return per ad displayed.

How to get paid from YouTube?

If you want to get paid from YouTube you’ll need to enable monetization on your YouTube Channel. And then you’ll need to link this to a Google Adsense account that you’ve opened.

How to get your money from YouTube?

After you’ve earned a little money from your YouTube channel, you’ll activate the Address Verification Threshold and Google will send you some details in the mail. You then fully activate your account with your PIN.

Payments are processed monthly and you must have earned at least $100 before you’ll get paid.

And you’ll be paid either through EFT, check, Wire Transfer or other payment methods depending on where you live in the world.

How to win money on YouTube?

Hehe, I had to include this question because some people must think YouTube is a lottery. In fact, the people getting paid the big dollars on YouTube, all earned it through years of consistent uploading to YouTube even before it was popular.

How to Earn Money on YouTube?

So I’ve answered the questions so now let’s pull this all together in a quick summary.

  1. Open a Google+ Account
  2. Start a YouTube channel from your Google+ Account
  3. Add banner art and upload an avatar
  4. Create a Video (less than 15 mins)
  5. Upload you video
  6. Promote your video and tell your friends.
  7. Then repeat steps 4-6 until you are getting regular viewers.
  8. Next, open a Google Adsense account
  9. Enable monetization on your Youtube Channel
  10. Link your Youtube channel to your Adsense account.

When you’ve earned $100 you’ll get paid.

Can you make money on YouTube by posting videos?

Yes, this is the main way people make money on YouTube. However, there’s another way you can make money from YouTube without posting videos.

How to make money on YouTube without making videos?

If you aren’t into making YouTube videos but want to still cash in the YouTube gold mine, then consider starting up your own YouTube Network. A Youtube Network owner is like being a Channel Manger and usually works with a number of YouTubers, dealing with legal stuff, sponsorship, collaboration opportunities and generally the high-level stuff.

In return for these services a Network Owner takes a cut of the advertising revenue from a channel before being distributed to the channel owner. Sometimes this can be as high as 20% which only leaves 35% for the YouTube creator.

Remember this is ongoing revenue, and doesn’t require you to create any videos. And the more views your YouTuber’s make the more money will end up in your pocket.

Here’s a list of the top YouTube Networks –

So how much money can you make on YouTube? Heaps or nothing at all. It all depends on the amount of work you’re prepared to put into your channel and ultimately how popular your channel becomes.

Just get started and see where this YouTube journey takes you. You can always change your channel name and of theme down the track as you develop your content.

And remember to upload something at least once a week, so YouTube knows you are still an active channel.