Minecraft Marketplace

Did you know you can make money on the Minecraft Marketplace? Yes, that’s right, Microsoft and Mojang have opened the doors to creators to sell their Minecraft Content to the general Minecraft Community.

Well, it was actually launched in the Spring 2017 update, so check to see if it’s available already in your country.

So let’s see what’s on offer and how you can make money doing the things you love.

Make Money in the Minecraft Marketplace

Minecraft is still hugely popular and currently has over 100 million installations worldwide. And that’s a lot of potential customers if you already have the skills to make in-game content.

Even if you just figure out how to make Minecraft skins, that could be something worth looking in to.

Here’s a quick tutorial of how to do this:-

However, just making good Minecraft content isn’t enough, to be accepted in the Minecraft Partner Program. You’ll need to satisfy a few other requirements.

Getting Accepted in the Minecraft Partner Program

Minecraft MarketplaceTo get accepted into the Minecraft Partner Program you’ll need to satisfy the following requirements:-

Own a Registered Business

Potential partners will need to have a registered business entity as Microsoft and Mojang will enter into a formal business partnership with you. You’ll be asked for your business and tax details at the time of registering.

Proven Content Creation Experience

Ideally, you’ll be a content developer who has previously contributed to the Minecraft community either through maps, add-ons, realms, skins or even hosted servers.

If you haven’t started developing content already, you’d best wait until you have an online portfolio to show for your work.

Creativity and a Love for Minecraft

Most of all you’ll need to be passionate about Minecraft, because it’s one big happy family and you’ll be representing the Minecraft Brand in your content. So don’t stuff it up 😀

Here’s the link to find out more about the Minecraft Partner Program.

Pro Tip: Rather than start your own business, consider starting a Minecraft Design Studio with some other friends as you’ll get more done together and will come across as a much large company that just being a sole-trader.


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