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Yes, it’s a new year, and not long after the fireworks slowly fade away, people all over the world start making their New Years Resolutions knowing full well they’ll likely break them as they have always done in previous years.

But of course this year will be different, won’t it?

Of course, it will.

Well at least for a short while.

So let’s take a look at the Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2019.New Years Resolutions

And it’s not surprising they are very similar each and every year, but they all have one thing in common.

Can you spot it?

Yes, it’s time, or lack there of.

You see, the real reason people rarely keep their New Years Resolutions is because they simply run out of time to make them a habit. As habits take at least a 21 days to form and most people rarely have that much time after their holiday celebrations.

But did you know you only need one Resolution to conquer them all?

Yes, if you adopt the ‘Laptop Lifestyle’ you’ll finally break free of the rat race, and begin to take back control of your life.

So let’s take a closer look at these New Years Resolutions and see why adopting a Laptop Lifestyle will benefit each and every one of them.


Top 10 New Years Resolutions for 2019


1 – Diet or Eat Healthier

If you ate healthier you probably wouldn’t need to diet would you?

Yes, it’s all the fast and convenience foods you consume that make for unhealthy living and ultimately, makes you put on weight.

But I get it, after a long day at work you have hungry mouths to feed, so who has the time to shop for fresh food and cook a healthy meal.

Whereas when you adopt the Laptop Lifestyle, you are in control of your time, save on the commute and can generally take back control of your eating habits.


2 – Exercise More

This is New Years Resolution is directly related to the guilty feeling you have over eating too much during the festive season. Of course, you’ll want to exercise more because you’ll need to burn them calories some how.

But regular exercise is just a habit, and as long as you have the time, it’s actually quite easy to maintain this goal.

And when you set your own work schedule, it’s really easy to find the time to exercise during the day.


3 – Lose Weight

Generally, if your New Years Resolution is too lose weight, then I’m guessing you failed on the previous resolutions just last year.

If you eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly it’s unlikely you’ll need to make this New Years Resolution come true.

So what does the typical, Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneur  look like in your mind?

Fit and Healthy I’m guessing, and this is because they usually are.


4 – Save More and Spend Less

If you spend less you’ll actually save more and transitioning to the Laptop Lifestyle requires a degree of thriftiness until you’ve ‘made’ it.

Despite what you’ll hear, it takes a lot of work, a little luck and perhaps several years to fully enjoy the benefits of  the Laptop Lifestyle.

So being more mindful of your money is a smart move, at least until you’ve made the big time.


5 – Learn a New Skill or Hobby

If you’re looking to transition to the laptop lifestyle then this New Years Resolution is a great starting point.

We should never stop learning, and now online course are more readily available, there are no excuses. You might even know enough to teach a course yourself.

Personally, I use and recommend Skillshare as it’s a great platform for learning something new everyday. And unlike some sites who charge by the course, Skillshare gives you access to everything you need for one low monthly subscription cost.

If you use the link below you’ll get 2 MONTHS PREMIUM Subscription for FREE –

So go ahead, sign up and learn something new today! (You can even cancel anytime you like)


6 – Quit Smoking

Seriously? People are still smoking in 2019?

Don’t they know that stuff will kill them?

Smoking is an addiction but also a habit, so if you’re serious about quitting then seek medical advice and change your environment and you’ll find it easier to quit.

You might also be surprised to know most Laptop Lifestyle Entrepreneurs are non-smokers.

Don’t ask me why, but I guess we have a lot less stress in our lives too.


7 – Read More

When you read, you expand your mind, and might actually learn something you didn’t all ready know. And even if you can’t read you can still listen.

Audible is a great website to source audio-books that you can listen too while you commute or are doing mundane things.

You didn’t think all those people on the train with ear buds, are just lisening to music.

I bet most are actually listening to someone read them a book or even a podcast.

If you decide the Laptop Lifestyle is something you want to try, then reading and learning will make your journey that much more successful.


8 – Find Another Job

Yep, I bet you make this resolution every 3 months after starting a new job too. It’s called the grind and you’re in it.

80% of the workforce are looking for a new job.

So what does that tell you about work? And the chances of finding something you’ll like to do?

I change the core focus of my work every 6-12 months because I can and also like to make sure it’s work I want to do. Best of all I don’t need to apply for another job.

You can just wake up, change your direction any time you like. I find it’s much more stimulating than grinding away at the same mundane task for the rest of your life.

9 – Drink Less Alcohol

Similarly, like smoking, most Entrepreneurs I know already drink less alcohol.

It might be OK to turn up to work slightly hung over but as an Entrepreneur you’ll want to remain sharp as often as you can. As you are primarily responsible for your own success.

Oh, and having less stress means you’ll also need to turn to the drink, less.


10 – Spend More Time with Family and Friends

This New Years Resolution always seems to make the list, because over the Christmas Break you’ll rekindle old friendships and suddenly remember how much fun it is.

Having time to do the things you love and spend more time with friends is one of the key benefits of the Laptop Lifestyle.

And best of all, you’ll probably make some new friends who also have the time to hang out on a regular basis.


So realistically adopting the Laptop Lifestyle is really the only resolution you need to make this year.

Spend a little more time to learn about it, then figure out if it’s just right for you.

The benefits far out weigh any doubts you’ll have, and if you prepare yourself for the leap into the online world, you’ll likely land safely on your feet.

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