Making Money Steps

Do you want to earn a little extra money online?

Have you wondered how people make money online but were too afraid to try it for yourself because of all the hype about scams?

Well, I did and wanted to find the non-scammy websites and ways to make money online so I began testing all the websites I could find. I was actually  surprised how many ways there actually are to make money online.

This website is a journey of what works and what to avoid.

I’ll even try some of the money making ideas out for myself and report back on earnings and ease of use once I’ve made my first dollar.

Why it’s Important to Earn your First Dollar Online

Most of us have grown up in an era where making money is all about getting an education, then finding a job to earn your living. But in recent times along came this ‘thing’ called the Internet and it changed everything that’s possible with making money.

The problem is our mindset is slow to change and our brain is telling us it can’t be done even if you see someone making money online.

Weird isn’t it?

You just pass that off as they just got lucky, or have a certain type of skill that you don’t have.

But in reality they didn’t win the online lottery. They just understood it was possible to make legit money online, so they did.

You too can make money online, but before you truly believe it, you’ll need to make your first dollar.

Can Anyone Do this?

Yes, definitely.

My 8-year-old daughter has already made her first dollar online because I wanted to change her belief system early before all the self-doubt and fear kicks in as she gets older.

All you need is a phone or computer and a way to connect to the Internet. You might even find you can get online by using a free wi-fi service or just ask at your local library as they often have computers that you can use for free.

So if an 8-year-old can make money online, I’m sure you’ll have no problem if you take a look around this website for some ideas.

NB: To help you find your way quickly I’ve compiled this list – Best Ways to Make Money Online and you should check it out.

Making Your First Dollar Online

Now I’m going to make this really easy for you and actually show you how easy it is to make money online. Your job is to find something you might like to do and then give it a try.

The chances of earning your first dollar online is extremely high, but what’s unknown is how much effort it’ll take you.

One thing for sure is once you’ve caught the making money online bug, you’ll wonder why you spent so much time worrying about finding one of those 9-5 jobs that everyone seems to loathe.

Making Money Online gives you the freedom to work when you want and how often you want.

And yes you’ll still need to WORK for your money, as this isn’t a free ride.

Most online jobs are services you provide to someone else in the exchange for money.

Let’s Get Started

Over the next 365 days, I’ll publish my results of testing different ways to make money online. Some might be great successes whereas others may fail. And because I’m not selling these products I can give you an honest account of what I find. The good and the bad.

My strategy is to publish a quick video on Youtube giving you a first-hand look and then to follow up with a little more detail on this blog.

I understand that watching videos may not always be appropriate whereas reading a blog might be a little easier to consume. But how you consume this information is totally up to you.

And the quicker you earn your first dollar, the quicker you’ll actually start to believe what’s really possible online.

You’ll really be amazed at all the ways you can make money online.

So let’s get started…