Product Hunt Alternative

CES is a great time to learn about new tech but if you can’t be there then you have to rely on your favorite tech blogs to find you the good stuff. Or you can just use Product Hunt or Steem Hunt to find cool products yourself.

But which one is right for you?

So while browsing my favorite Tech blog called The Verge, I discovered a cool robot called Misty II. So naturally I went to Product Hunt to learn a little more and to read some reviews.

But to my surprise it wasn’t listed on Product Hunt at all.

Fortunately, I also knew of another Product Discovery website called Steem Hunt and wondered if it was on there and sure enough it had been listed on the site for 7 months. Wow!

So that got me thinking, how good is Steem Hunt and how does it compare to Product Hunt?

So let’s find out in the Product Hunt vs Steem Hunt Review.

So Steem Hunt looks like it’s a real Product Hunt alternative, and you can actually get rewarded for finding and talking about the gadgets you love.

This blockchain tech really has some cool features and I’m beginning to understand it’s true potential.

And it seems much easier to join Steem Hunt, with less hoops and having to give up less personal information during the sign up process.

But of course Product Hunt has been around for a lot longer, so people tend to gravitate to these types of places on the Internet.

Regardless, if you’re looking for a Product Hunt Alternative, then check out Steem Hunt as the community is great and you can actually earn crypto for free 😀